The Canadian Federal and Provincial Government and constantly introducing new Laws and Programs to ensured successful resettlement for the immigrants. There are numerous options under which you can reach and settle in the Maple Country CANADA.

The most popular being skilled worker class under Federal, PNP Programs, Business & Student Visa . WWII assist you in choosing the best option for Canada Immigration.

Discover Canada: a country as diverse and unique as those who call it home. The second largest country in the world by total area, Canada boasts a vastness and variety of geography, ecology, vegetation, landforms, cultures and peoples.

Canada's world-renowned artists and artisans and its richly diverse culture contribute to a vibrant, multi-layered national identity. Discover the people, accomplishments, traditions and forms of artistic expression, past and present, that contribute to the pulse of everyday life in Canada.

The country is most selected when a student wants to settle back in the country after completing the studies. The advantage is that the country provides a 3year stay back option, which is hardly provided by any other nation state. Canada provides a good quality of education and courses which are approved all over the world. The range of the courses is not just limited to technical and few professional ones, but also to some short duration small industry courses.

Canada makes it possible for the talented and skilled individuals across the world to avail employment opportunities through its skilled worker program. Canada is a sound economy that boasts of its natural resources and skilled manpower.

The Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly updating their programs to ensure that Canadian immigration is successful, both for newcomers and for Canada. With many options to choose from the list below one can apply for imigration to Canada;

1. Quebec Immigration

The Quebec Immigration selection system is based on a human capital model so applicants do not require a job offer. You may be eligible to immigrate to Canada under the Quebec Skilled Worker, Quebec Experience Class, or Quebec Business / Investor categories.

2. Work Permits

The law firm has a team of work permit specialists who can help foreign individuals, foreign businesses, or Canadian employers get the Canadian work visas (work permits) required for working legally in Canada.

3. Family Sponsorship/Super Visa

Close relatives of Canadian Citizens and permanent residents may qualify for Canadian immigration. Spouses, common-law partners, parents and dependent or intended adopted children may become Permanent Residents through the Family Sponsorship program. Parents and Grandparents are eligible to reside in Canada under the new Parent and Grandparent Supervisa program.

4. Business or Investor Immigration

Your investment could be your way of obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency. There are categories for individuals (business, managers or owners) having a high net worth: Federal and Quebec Investor, Entrepreneur, and Self-Employed programs, all can apply for immigration under this category.

5. Study Permits (Student Visas)

Most international students will need to obtain a Canada Study Permit (Student Visa) in order to attend school in Canada. If you apply to attend a school in Canada and receive a letter of acceptance, you are ready to apply for a Study Permit. Studying in Canada will prepare you for work in Canada, and it can also help you fast-track your Canadian immigration application if you wish to stay in Canada after you graduate.

While studying in Canada you can job on campus without needing work permission but the work permission allows you to not only job off campus part time during term but also permit you to work full time during your vacations. After the finished, your education from a university you can also apply for a Master degree Work.

Why student want to study in Canada?

  • Canada has some of the top colleges and universities in the world

  • Canada country has the standing for some of the best universities of higher education in the entire world.

  • Canada country offers affordable Options to living and tuition fees for overseas students.

  • Canada is a beautiful Country. It has beautiful sea front views, magnificent fresh water lakes and rivers, mountains and plains.

  • Canada country has strong Economy rate

  • Canada country prides itself on a lawful and political system that promotes and provides respect for human rights founded on the principle that we are all equal.

Top Universities and College

Canada is the home of some of the world’s top research facilities and academic institutions. Imagine entering the workforce with qualifications that are recognized and respected the world over. Envision learning in supportive academic environments where professors are approachable and classrooms reflect the cultural diversity of the world.

Education in Canada can point you in the right direction when it is for academic success that will last a lifetime! It is one such route to a global career and education perspective. Study in Canada must be opt by students. Some of the highly renowned universities in Canada are:-

·         Alexander College

·         Camosun College

·         Selkirk College

·         Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

·         Grant MacEwen University

·         Algonquin College

·         George Brown College

·         Georgian college

·         Fanshawe college

·         Niagara college

·         conestoga college

·         sheridan college

·         seneca college

·         selkirk college

·         Winnipeg Technical College

·         University Of Regina

·         Mount Allison University

·         Thompson River University

·         Fairleigh Dickinson University

·         lambton college

·         fleming college

·         university of saskatchewan

·         university of Regina

·         Lakehead University

·         Dalhousie University

·         Thompson River University

·         Red River College


Student Visa Under SDS Category

The Study Direct Stream (SDS) Program is a program that will speed up the processing for the full-time studies attending universities and colleges in Canada. The SDS Program is supported by Scotiabank, a leading Canadian financial institution. Scotiabank will provide eligible students with the opportunity to purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), which will satisfy the financial statement requirements of the SDS program.

SDS Visa Processing & Requirments for Indian Students

As per the Govt of Canada, there have been some changes in the requirements and visa processing under the SDS programme.

So, following are the SDS visa processing and Requirments for Indian Students:

  1. Minimum IELTS Score for SDS Visa must be 6 bands in each module for UG & PG courses.

  2. Full tuition fees for the first year should be paid in an advance.

  3. College and Institutions must have a registered Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) number.

  4. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)  of $10000 will be mandatory to buy.


Now Skilled and unskilled professionals can process their application under Canada province nomine program (Nova Scotia) under Regional labor market demand stream, listed occupation can be applied under this category without having any job offer from province employer.

Benefits under the Nova Scotia Regional labor market demand stream:

  • No processing fee for selection certificate.

  • No job offer required for selection certificate.

  • Easy way to move Canada under province nominee program to be settle permanently in Nova Scotia.
    Minimum IELTS (International Language Testing System) requirement CLB 5 ( Minimum requirement for IELTS band reading 4 and rest three module 5 band )

  • Nova Scotia will be notified by a nominee officer if Credential assessment is required.

  • Client required to submit a settlement plan to govt to get selection certificate it means better settlement plan give you straight forward route to move Canada, also this plan will strengthen your opportunity for success.

  • Regional Labor Market Demand Stream- In Demand Occupations

  • Managers in Health & retail Professionals

  • Financial Auditors and Accountants Good


  • Civil /Mechanical /Electrical and Electronics Engineers


  • Pharmacists

  • Psychologists

  • Dentists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Registered Nurses / Licensed Practical Nurses

  • General Practitioners and Family

  • Specialist Physicians Good

  • Audiologists and Speech-Language

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Medical Sonographers

  • Medical Radiation / Laboratory Technologists


  • Restaurant and Food Service

  • Chefs Good

  • Cooks Good


  • Information Systems Analysts /Consultants

  • Database Analysts /Data Administrators

  • Software Engineers /Designers/Computer Programmers/Systems Testing


  • Supervisors, Other Mechanical and

  • Metal Products Manufacturing

  • Welders and Related Machine Operators

  • Industrial Electricians

  • Crane Operators

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

  • Contractors and Supervisors, Metal