WWII arranges TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CARD(TRC) /PERMANENT RESIDENCE CARD(PR) for specific European countries (country names are not disclosed by WWII on website to secure copyright). After 6 month one can move to CANADA/USA*NO VISA REQUIRED. This is the right set of circumstances for those to want to settle abroad. Thorough details shall be given to our candidates once they are registered with us/ WWII receives their passport by courier in office address.

100% TRC/PR assured program


  1. Fill the appropriate details on the form (attached in this page)

  2. Submit the form. You will receive a successful message.

  3. Within 2 working days you will receive an agreement letter on your email address from WWII.

  4. READ OUT terms and conditions apply on the agreement letter carefully.

  5. Put complete Signature of yours on the letter (If you agree with the terms & conditions apply.

  6. PLEASE do keep a copy of WWII agreement letter along with you (for your security convenience)

  7. Scan the letter and mail the scanned agreement letter on WWII email address-

  8. WWII receives & overviews the letter and send you confirmation mail asking you to send your passport by courier on our office address mentioned below. (NOTE: passport will be given back to you after TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CARD/PERMANENT RESIDENCE CARD approval.)

  9. As soon as WWII receives your passport  WWII boasts up your application process for European TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CARD/PERMANENT RESIDENCE CARD. Thorough details and country name shall be disclosed to only those candidates whose passport is being received by WWII.

  10. Processing time: 3 to 4 months.

Once the candidate gets TRC/PR approval of the specific European Countries.

He/She can freely move in entire European countries

After 6 months he/she is free to move CANADA /U.S.A.

NOTE: CANADA/U.S.A doesn't require any VISA for those European Countries (country name not disclosed to secure copyright )

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