An innovative and highly secure online visa solution enabling applicants to apply for their visa on the move.

The Electronic Visa (eVISA) has emerged as one of the most convenient and revolutionary services in the travel domain. An E-Visa not only enables a client government to efficiently manage the visa application process entirely in a virtual environment, but provides a visa applicant with the unmatched convenience of applying for their visa from the location of their choice.


WWII has developed an innovative and highly secure E-Visa Solution, which enables applicants to apply for their visa online or in no less than 3 to 5 minutes.

No Papers, Please.

Welcome to eVisas, the global directory of international entry requirements for the most popular destinations in the world. Whether you’re a tourist, business visitor, student, temporary resident or permanent migrant, we provide details of visa entry requirements, information on the availability of electronic visas with links to official sites, tips for prospective applicants and other resources for specialized assistance.  

The world is speeding up.  Life is getting faster.  Numerous governments are successfully transitioning away from the traditional and bureaucratic paperwork involved in granting international entry authority and have moved towards streamlined and fully electronic processing of visa and migrant applications.

eVisas is committed to partnering with those governments and service providers who are pioneering the process of the international movement of people in the modern age.  As government agencies seek to strike the right balance of application facilitation and border protection, international travellers may expect both regular changes to entry requirements and ongoing support and resources from eVisas.com.

Bookmark today and check in with us for updated information and resources for all of your upcoming international travel.

How eVISA works?


How much do eVISA cost?

Each participating government determines its own fee for applications for eVisas.  While many nations charge a nominal fee designed to cover costs relating to maintaining such a system, some countries charge high fees and surcharges.  It is important to note that fees are charged for the purposes of processing an application and do NOT guarantee that an application will be approved.

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