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New Zealand is a developed country with a market economy. New Zealand is a high-income economy and ranks highly in international comparisons of national performance, such as health, education, economic freedom and quality of life. Nationally, legislative authority is vested in an elected, unicameral Parliament, while executive political power is exercised by the Cabinet, led by the Prime Minister

New Zealand is a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, ANZUS, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Pacific Islands Forum, and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. It is truly an exotic country famed for its majestic blends natural surrounding, culture, arts, life, working environment and friendly government. New Zealand offers excellent immigration programs, the immigration policy is deliberated to ensure that the immigration enhances the cultural and economic progress of the country. WWII is perfect helping means to help you gain New Zealand Immigration Visa in shortest possible processing time. WWII is a global resettlement solution provider have extensive knowlegde of immigration Laws and VISA processes.

New Zealand is a land with numerous career opportunities to start your new life overseas with growth and bliss. The nation cuddles every ethnicity and celebrates multicultural ethics at its best. The nation had been a prime destination for European immigration with 78 percent of European ethnics among New Zealand population. The kiwi nation remained a popular immigration destination for study, job, business and settlement. Influx of Indian migrants is supported by the kiwi government which is further increased by sound figure of immigration from India to New Zealand in recent years.

The land has a temperate climate with spectacular deviations in geographical aspects. The island nation is all encircled by the Tasman and Pacific Oceans enabling residents to enjoy great outdoor life. The nation is home to over four million residents and increasingly dependent on immigration for population growth. From amazing city life to traditional rural environment, the kiwi nation is has more to offer its visitors with natural diversity.

Auckland is the biggest city and home to 1.5 million residents, a good place to settle down followed by Christchurch, the capital city Wellington and Dunedin. Transportation in New Zealand is superior enabling you to travel across the nation within 5 hours, from ocean shores to Sky Mountains and back to your home. Natural diversity offers you to enjoy your life on fullest with social safety. New Zealand is politically stable and socially diverse and friendly offering you to easily integrate into the society. New Zealand economy is stable offering you booming financial opportunities to lead a standard life. The nation attracts skilled workers from all parts of the world to enhance its workforce and satisfy labor demand. International business talents, skilled labors and settlement aspirants prefer New Zealand to start their life abroad. Candidates with right education or professional skills can easily migrate to the kiwi land. New Zealand makes your future safe by providing flurry of financial opportunities, living luxury, quality education for your dependents and friendly society to live with.

Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand country offers many scholars for overseas students and in this nation has a quiet and fun education environment, and magnified chances for the job. Its country not only helps in grooming your studies but sufficient notice is given on different fields for instance arts, sports, life style, cultural amalgamation etc.

In New Zealand, there is a wealth of study programs from which students may choose the good universities, degree and scheduling to meet their aim. The universities create studying more enjoyable and educative with their research and practical approach, which gives its students firsthand experience of the most up-to-date technologies. The New Zealand universities degree are globally recognized and acclaimed.

Educational Programs offered to overseas students

New Zealand country provides all levels of education such as Engineering, Accounting, Business Management, Design and Arts Hospitality & Tourism, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Veterinary Science etc. Universities in New Zealand, the highest-ranking goes to the University of Auckland (83), University of Otago (133), University of Canterbury (221), Victoria University of Wellington (237), and Massey University (308) and the University of Waikato (374).

Visa Information New Zealand

Study VISA for New Zealand Student need to submit the completed visa forms, educational, IELTS , work knowledge ( if appropriate), Original Passport and they need to show evidence that they can meet financial requirements for the live in New Zealand. The financial requirement is according to the program and the duration.

Education Fee and scholarship

In New Zealand, education fees are approximately 12000 NZ$ - 28000 NZ$ Per annum; depending on the university and level of study program. Most overseas students study in New Zealand on a full fee payment base. New Zealand scholarships are the best way to take education in simple way. Overseas student want to find Government scholarships they can visit: www.newzan

Living Cost New Zealand

New Zealand country permits its overseas students to job part time; the charge of living is not high. While undergoing your degree a student can do job for 20 hours a week, which can assist make a money lots. The living expenses lay between NZ $ 8,000 to NZ $ 10,000 per annum.

Top Universities and College

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Every new day in the world begins in New Zealand. Light and time start here. Youthful in age and outlook, New Zealand is the natural home for fresh ideas. Study in New Zealand lets you catch up something new every time. The country offers all levels of education, from certificates to Doctoral degrees. There are opportunities of learning at quality educational institutes or universities at every region of New Zealand.

 Aukland University

 Aukland University of Technology

 Lincoln University

 Massey University (Wellington / Palmerston North)

 Victoria University of Wellington

 University of Canterbury

 University of Otago

 Waikato University


 Bay of Plenty Polytechnic


 Eastern Institute of Technology

 Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT)

 Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT)

 North Tec

 Otago Polytechnic

 Southern Institute of Technology

 Unitec New Zealand

 UCOL (Universal College of Learning)

 Waiato Institute of Technology

 Waiariki Institute of Technology

 Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki

 Wellington Institute of Technology

 Whitireia Polytechnic

 Private Training Providers

 Aukland Wise Institute

 AIS ST Helens


 Academic Colleges Group

 Cornell Institute of Business & Technology

 Computer Power

 Christchurch International College

 ENENZ Colleges

 Eagle Flight Training

 International College of Linguistics (ICL)

 International Collefe of Auckland (ICA)

 International Travell College of New Zealand (ITC)

 New Zealand School of Education (NZSE)

 Natcoll Design Technology (Wellington / Christchurch)



 New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA)

 Newton College of Business & Technology (NCBT)

 Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS)

 Queenstown Resort College

 Royal Business College (RBC)

 The New Zealand School of Travel & Tourism (NZSTT)

 UUNZ Institute of Business