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IELTS is the first hurdle you will have to face prior to study visa application procedure, despite giving your 100% the end result may at times be disappointing. Still there are Universities in U.K where you can get enroll without taking IELTS if you meet certain criteria based on:

  • analyzing 10th and 12th English score 

  • Proof of English as medium of instruction in your previous academics

  • if not so Universities also provide English language program which leads to the actual course(Read below).

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Study gap acceptable
Refused from any other country can apply
Fee Structure
Course fees will depends on the course and colleges

Benefits of studying in UK


  • The UK is one of the most sought after countries for higher studies.

  • The UK is one of the most sought after countries for higher studies.

  • The country offers a vibrant and multi-ethnic culture, and is considered as the best multi-lingual and cosmopolitan with no racial discrimination.

  • The UK Degrees are recognized and respected all over the world. It’s the oldest established educational system which is still succeeding in a global competition.

  • The UK also gives many opportunities to explore various industries to start a career with.

  • Study in the UK is affordable as compare to USA and Canada

  • Prepares students to start earning early with shorter duration programs

  • Vast choices of Institutions and subjects with flexible programs

  • A lot of scholarship and Bursaries are offered by the UK institutions

  • National Health Service is Free for students going for higher studies for more than 6 months of studies

  • Diverse, tolerant and stable social environment


Cheers! There is good news for all those Indian students who have been experiencing a sense of caution and despair with regards to advancing their current level of education in the UK. The palpability is justified and understandable in the wake of the abolishment of the two-year post-study work visa by the erstwhile UK government in the year 2012, and the impending Brexit. 


The recent change of guard in the UK political establishment has reinstated the ‘two-year-post-study- work visa with effect from Autumn 2020. This announcement, by all means, is set to suitably favor Indian students.

Here is a breakdown of the existing and proposed graduate-visa-route.

What does the current visa rule say? 

While the US and the UK are renowned for attracting the best and the brightest of academic and professional talents, Indian students have always considered the US and the UK as dream destinations for pursuing their higher education. But, the political developments over the last five years in these two nations have been far from conducive for Indian students, to give wings to their academic dreams and initiate their professional careers in their most favored destinations. 

International students pursuing education in the UK need to have a Tier 4 visa. This visa is essential for studying in the UK. In the current scenario, an Indian student pursuing varied levels of education (undergraduate, graduate) in the UK is permitted to stay back in the country only for a period of four months upon completion of education, while an aspirating doctorate student could stay back for a year post completion of studies.  

What this means is that a student cannot either seek employment or continue to work beyond four months upon completing his or her ongoing education. 

What happens now? Is there a cap? Who is likely to benefit? 

With the reinstatement of the two-year-post-study work visa, aspiring undergraduates, graduates, PhDs, planning to enroll for degree courses in the autumn of 2020, will once again be able to stay back in the UK for two years -after completion of their respective degrees to look for suitable employment or upskill themselves.

There will not be any kind of a cap on the number of students who can apply for this newly announced immigration route. This route is applicable to all categories of employment: skilled, unskilled, etc.

What about the state of the current students? 

Those students who would be in the middle of their courses at the time of implementation of this new route will also be eligible to stay back in the UK for two years post studies. Students whose Tier 4 leave is likely to expire before the implementation of the new visa route will not be eligible to avail of the two-year-work-visa.  

Students scheduled to graduate prior to the implementation of the new route and have their Tier 4 leave intact will be eligible to apply for a transfer to the new work visa.

What is the current status of the new visa route? 

Currently, talks are on to accommodate those students who would be graduating before September 2020.

Whether the impending Brexit augurs a ‘deal’ or a ‘no deal’ exit for the UK, only time will tell, but, Indian students desirous of pursuing degree courses in the UK in the ensuing year (2020) – have surely been presented with a deal of a lifetime!

UK University Success

Preparing you for university success

 the best programs to enable you to secure a place at many of the world’s leading universities.

  • offers specialist programs for you to fast-track your route to university

  • offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate qualification

  • the University Foundation Programme (UFP) for you to access UK universities – UFP is recognised by 96 of the top 100 universities in the UK, and our students have successfully progressed to all of these institutions

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma, known as the IB, is one of the fastest growing and most respected qualifications in the world. It is your passport to the best universities and is a qualification that challenges, encourages and inspires internationally-minded students like you to become caring, critical thinkers, ready for university study and a globally focused career.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is an internationally recognized program obtained after two years of studying (6 terms). The program is demanding but rewarding and encourages you to think independently and explore your creativity

Quick facts:
  • Course length: 6 Terms (Sep start)

  • Age: 15.5+

  • English level: IELTS 5.5+, or upper intermediate

  • Entry requirements: A secondary or high school level of education and a good school report

University Foundation Programme

A one-year program designed for international students looking for entry to UK higher education. Designed for motivated students looking for a supported and focused bridge program from international high school to a range of extremely good universities.

University Foundation Programme (UFP)

You study for one year to gain the UFP. The program provides you with an important base, ready to build on at university, and allows you to learn at a detailed and challenging level.

Quick facts:
  • Age:16 1/2+

  • Course length: 3 terms (Sep and Jan start)

  • English level: Sept IELTS 4.5+ | Jan IELTS 5.0+ 

Fast-Track University Foundation Programme

The Fast-Track UFP is designed for students who are able to complete the full-year program within a shorter period of time, and is ideal for highly ambitious students or those requiring additional revision for examination retakes. You will receive extra teaching hours each week to ensure you are well prepared for your exams.

Quick facts:
  • Age:16 1/2+

  • Course length: 2 terms (Jan start)

  • English level: IELTS 5.0+, or upper intermediate

The University Consortium. International Year One - Business

is your best route to one of 10 leading UK universities

The International Year One Business qualification gives you guaranteed access to Year 2 of a Bachelor’s degree at a UK university. It teaches you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to get an advantage in your future career.

When you pass your NCUK program, you are guaranteed at least two conditional offers and a place on Year 2 of a Bachelor’s degree at one of the NCUK Universities.

Quick facts:
  • Age: 18

  • Availability: London - 3 terms (Sept start)

  • Language level requirements: IELTS 5.5+

  • Accepted entry qualifications include:

  • Modules: The programs consists of eight modules, four per semester.

  • Teaching hours: 25 hours plus self-study. A further 6 hours if English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is taught.

  • Exams and coursework: The split of coursework and examination varies by module but is at least 75% examination.

  • Progression: Year Two of a related Business degree at an NCUK University.

A level

The classic route to university in the UK

A level is the classic route to university in the UK, and is highly regarded by the best universities around the world. It is designed for confident students who aspire to the most competitive degree courses at UK universities and beyond.

A level (Advanced Level) qualifications are usually obtained after two years of studying. The first year used to be called AS level and the second year used to be called A2, so you might recognize those names. You will expect to study A levels in three different subjects, although occasionally we advise students to study four subjects for specialist courses.

A levels are ideal for focused and hardworking students in their last two years of high school. If you excel in a particular area you will like A levels as the courses allow you to explore a small number of subjects in a lot of depth, providing specialized preparation towards further study.

A levels are the most common route for entry to Higher Education in the UK, so you can be sure your hard work will be recognized by all the top universities in the UK and around the world.

Quick facts:
  • Age:15 1/2+*

  • Course length: 6 terms (Sep start), 5 terms (Jan start)

  • Hours per week: 31 hours

Fast-Track A level

Special Fast-Track one-year A level option for some students. The Fast-Track program is designed for students who can complete the normal two-year courses in less time, and is ideal if you are highly ambitious and in your last year of high school. The Fast-Track program might also help you if you want to come for additional revision to retake examinations.

Quick facts:
  • Age:17+

  • Course length: 3 terms (Sep start)

  • Hours per week:
    6 term: 27 hours years 1 and 2
    5 term: 35 hours ye