The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states. It is majorly situated in North America. More than 50 million people across the globe have settled in the country, the country accepts 700000 people every year. The country has strong economy to fight with all odds of economic slow downs. US is also known for its enthusiastic, workaholic, and fun loving people. WWII have the most suitable and efficient VISA for its clients.

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USA being one of the most sought after countries for education draws the attention of interested learners across all around the world. With a large numbers of courses offered by the various universities, USA is unquestionably a place where much stress is given to education in a manner that provides deep understanding of the subject matter. The study in USA is very learning in nature as the teaching is based on the principle that practical training and theoretical classroom both gets equal attention and time. The various colleges there have earned reputation of providing the quality based study, which brings enlightenment to young minds. The curriculum which is highly through prepares the students to get the best education with excellent exposure.


The most common student visa is the F-1 visa. A small number of students travel to the United States on an M-1 visa if they are completing a program of hands-on technical or vocational training, or on a J-1 visa if they are on a sponsored exchange program.

Great Prospects to Study in USA

Every year a large number of Indian students go for Study in USA. As a large number of scholarships, assistantships, fellowships and are available to international students, expenditures can be met easily. Students are also allowed to do work for 10 to 20 hours a week to partially meet their expenses. Many renowned universities in the USA are having an office which is dedicated to international students and services, which provides a variety of services from campus orientation to assistance in resume preparation. Personal and career counseling services are also available .As the reward of studying in the US are huge, it is important that you should choose an appropriate course and university through careful planning. You would need to seek required information from reliable sources and ponder the options to make an academically sound decision.

If someone gets selected for Study in USA, then there will be no problem of accommodation. Students can opt either for the Campus Accommodation or for the off campus accommodation. Mostly universities in US want sophomores and freshman and to stay in the accommodation provided on campus. Juniors, seniors and graduate students can also apply for Residents in university. They normally give surety of accommodations to students who apply before deadlines however after deadlines it depends solely on the availability of place. All housing which is not owned by the Universities is known as Off-Campus housing.

Students are allowed to work only part time up to 20 hours per week only on campus during their first year of study in USA as per as the current immigration regulations. You can pay for books, clothing, and personal expenses easily by working 10 to 15 hours a week. However your campus job can’t support your major expenses like tuition or room and board for higher education in US. You can apply for the employment as a resident assistant in university dormitory after the first year. RA works as first point of contact for students who needs as assistance .In return, RA receive free accommodations and sometimes a small salary and free meal. According to the current regulations, you may apply for the immigration and Naturalization service for permission to work off campus for up to 20 hours a week all through your study in USA.

Anyone who is having consistently good academic record, strong financial support and proficiency in English can apply for study in USA for higher education. You should check the details of the program and the universities you wish to apply since different programs are having different set of criteria for its eligibility. There are many consulting agencies which are working in India with a view to assist students who wish to study in US. You can contact them directly or can visit their websites for any assistance you need.

Top Universities and College

Study in USA is a great deal, once stream into; a large number of options are flown out. The most important factor is the quality of education of the country. Every university of the country gives you a quality which cannot be competed elsewhere. People opt for USA studies because of the universities in different cities have name in the field of higher education. It is this excellence and eminence which makes USA a favorite among the learners’.

·          American International Medical University

·         California State University San Bernardino

·         Gannon University

·         Kent State University

·         University Of Northern Virginia

·         Letourneau University

·         Lincoln University

·         Southern Utah University

·         University Of Findlay

AND MANY MORE ........

Step by Step Application process for USA study visa:

Step 1: Register with Cambridge International Academy
Step 2: Choose Available Intakes
Step 3: Applying for Acceptance form (I- 20)
Step 4 : Pay Application fees(non-refundable)
Step 5: Receive Letter of offer from College/University after documents assessment
Step 6: Bank statements showing total 1 year fees and living expenses up to $12000 per year
Step 7: Confirmation of page submitted online DS-160
Step 8: Submitting File
Step 9 : Original interview letter
Step 10 : Visa stamping

List of Documents Required:
1. Academic documents along with Passport(Attested photocopy)
2. Passport size photo 37 by 37mm
3. Application forms I-20
4. Bank statements
5. Minimum 2 references/recommendation letter( 1 from academic and 1 from employer)
6. Work experience (if any)
7. IELTS overall bands not less than 5.0 bands or TOEFL/GRE/GMAT accepted.


  • Original document submission

  • IELTS/TOEFEL-Not Required

  • Application form submission (Application Fees: Depend on University)

  • I 20 (Admission Letter)

  • Sevis and Visa Fees Payment

  • OFC and Visa Interview

  • Visa Approval

  • University fees payment


  • Original Passport

  • 10th, 12th College Mark sheet

  • School Leaving Certificate

  • Degree Certificate

  • Recommendation letter ( 2 from professor/Teacher/HOD/Principal )

  • Transcript of 10th, 12th,College

  • Bank Balance certificate: 25 Lakhs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   VISITOR VISA                                                                                                                                    B1 visa for business visitors to the USA.                                                                                                   B2 visa for tourism to the USA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      B2 Visa Eligibility Criteria                                                                                                     Different from US work visas, the US tourist visa requirements are not as strict. So to be allowed to go to the US with a B2 visa, you have to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • That your intent for visiting is either tourism, medical treatment, or business

  • You have enough finances to cover your stay in the US

  • You intend to return to your home country as soon as your visa expires and you do not intend to stay in the US

  • If you meet these B2 visa requirements and can prove your eligibility through valid documents in the application phase, then you will be able to apply and get a tourist visa to USA.

B2 Visa Requirements

Here are the documents required for a B2 visa:

  • Valid passport.

  • A US Visa Photograph.

  • Form DS-160 confirmation page and code.

  • Receipt of paid visa fees.

  • Interview confirmation page.

  • A letter which describes the purpose of your trip.

  • Proof of financial means. Financial or bank statements to prove you have the finances to stay in the US of at least $266 for each day of your planned stay.

  • Ties to your home country. Family, job contract, lease, or property deed, which prove you will return.

  • Optional US visitor visa invitation letter from friends or family in the US.

  • Criminal records or letter from authorities stating that you do not have prior convictions.

  • Documents relevant to your prior visits. This only applies if you visited the US before.

  • Transcripts or diploma. This only applies to students.

  • A letter from your employer and payslips for the last three months. If you are a worker

  • Photocopies of your relative’s status in the US.

  • Letters from doctors on your diagnosis and treatment. If you are visiting for medical purposes.

B2 Visa Processing Time?

The B2 visa may take a few weeks up to a few months to process. Processing times for B2 tourist visas and US visitor visas differ from country to country. It depends on the workload that the US Embassy where you applied has. If you do not hear from the Embassy, be patient and wait for them to inform you on whether you got the visa or not.

B2 Visa Duration

The maximum duration of stay on a B2 visa is 6 months. During that time, you can travel throughout the US or for any other purpose. However, as soon as your visa expires, you must return to your home country.

What is the B1 visa?

The B1 visa is a non-immigrant US visa that permits visitors to enter the US. for business purposes.

B1 visa holders can engage in the following activities:

  • Negotiate contracts.

  • Consult with business associates in the US.

  • Settle estates.

  • Attend conferences, educational, professional, or business events.

Besides these activities above, all others are forbidden with a B1 visa. Those who have this visa, cannot do the following:

  • Become a full or part-time student.

  • Perform and get paid for it.

  • Work in press or journalism.

  • Engage in any form of employment.

  • Enter as a crewmember on an aircraft or ship.

  • Seek permanent residence in the US.

The benefit of the B1 visa is that you can develop business relationships and visit the US as many times as necessary for business. After your visa expires, you can always apply for another one. The US business visas do not have a cap so there are no rules as to how many visas can be issued per year.

B1 Visa Eligibility Criteria

The US business visa requirements are not as strict as other visas, but you must fulfill them in order to qualify. To be eligible for a business visa USA, you must meet these eligibility criteria:

  • That your intent for visiting is business related

  • You have enough finances to cover your stay in the US

  • You intend to return to your home country as soon as your visa expires and you do not intend to stay in the US

If you meet these requirements and can prove your eligibility through valid documents in the application phase, then you will be able to apply and get the B1 visa.

B1 Visa Required Documents

Besides the standard required documents, your B1 visa application must contain the following additional documents:

  • The Form DS-160 confirmation page and code

  • The interview confirmation page

  • A letter which describes the purpose of your trip

  • Financial or bank statements to prove you have the finances to stay in the US

  • Ties to your home country such as family, job contract, lease, or property deed, which prove you will return

  • Criminal records or letter from authorities stating that you do not have prior convictions

  • If you have visited the US before, bring documents relevant to your prior visits

  • If you work, bring a letter from your employer and pay slips for the last three months

  • A letter from the company detailing the purpose of the trip and your job position

B1 Visa Processing Time

The processing times for the US visitor visas are not exact. It can take a couple of weeks or a few months for your visa to be processed. This depends on the workload of the US Embassy and other factors that they take into consideration. After the processing time is complete, you will be notified about whether you got the visa or not.

How Long is the B1 Visa Valid?

The initial validity for which the B1 visa is given is 6 months. The US Embassy will assume that for 6 months you will be able to complete all the business that you have in the country. The 6 months is also enough time for you to be able to visit and tour any places in the US that you want to.